Day 1 – Arriving in Mexico

As everyone knows, travelling sucks. However being on cloud 9 meant nothing was going to bring me down. The flight leaving Heathrow Terminal 5 was delayed for technical reasons (always freaks you out when they tell that) but 30 a minute delay was no problem and I was soon on my way. I had a window seat which was awesome but 11 and a half hours later I was ready to get off the plane!

I’ve never had the privilege of having someone meet me with a board with BEN MOORE written across it but today was my lucky day! Shortly after meeting Mariana from Altius (The event organisers)I was introduced to current 4 cross World Champion Tomas Slavik.

Breakfast with Tomas Slavik
Breakfast with Tomas Slavik


This really is ‘living the dream’.

Tomas and I both had rooms booked in a hotel in the centre of Mexico city but due to protests our driver could not get near the hotel, so after 2 hours of trying we gave up. It was too dangerous for us to walk so we were taken back to the airport and given a hotel near there.

Checked into Hotel in Mexico
Checked into Hotel in Mexico

So the jet lag was kicking in for both of us but we were extremely hungry so had a massive steak each in the hotel restaurant. Cost around £10 each and was the beat steak I had ever tasted. We shared a room (not in a weird way!) but this was surely going to be a claim to fame for me in the future!

All this on just day 1.



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