A Hannover shopping mall was the setting for my first race with Orange Mountain Bikes. I took the Crush and tried my hand at Shopping centre DH racing.

First section of the course was this lot!

I immediately knew I was in trouble when I arrived with mtb tyres and everyone else had soft compound slicks! The qualifying run was more of a survival run as I spent most of the run drifting. Managed to qualify for the second run but had to find something special to make a top ten position (what I had hoped for)

racing fan photo
Thanks to Ro for sending this shot in of me taking on the last jump.

Today was not my day and although I pushed myself and the bike to the limits, 13th was all I could squeeze in. Happy to start the year with a top 20 postion and have learned loads. Next race is Berlin on Saturday 23rd January. Thanks for the continued support, see you in Berlin.

A course fit for freestylers.
A course fit for freestylers.
The drive home was a snowy one.
The drive home was a snowy one.



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