About me

Where it all began

I first learnt to ride a bike at the age of 4 years old in Upton Country Park. This soon progressed into riding my little Raleigh bike everywhere! During my childhood I was built various ramps and jumps by my father who placed them just outside my house to play on. This soon got bigger and bigger! My worst year saw me visit A&E 7 times for broken bones but mainly my head splitting open. Yes I do have 24 stitches across the centre of my head and yes this is why I'm a little strange!


My teen years were spent mainly on Upton heath at the legendary ‘Canyons’ (an abandoned quarry) The jumps and drops there taught me the vital skills I have to this day. After another batch of visits to A&E and several concussions later I realised racing was my passion, so I asked local bike shop Cycle Paths to support me and help me enter some races; on my first Downhill race at the age of 18 I placed 6th which I was extremely happy with.

Set Back

Unfortunately on a training ride just after this race I crashed at the Canyons. This left me with 12 broken bones and a snapped crutiate ligament in my knee. This was a massive set back, especially as I had just managed to get some sponsorship. 1 year later I had recovered and was ready to race again, Ray (Owner and Director of Cycle Paths) was right there to help again and continued his support for me. I traveled and worked abroad for 2 years before coming back to the UK to settle down and get racing.

Now the story begins…..